About Us

At Totegnac we strive to produce dogs that are healthy, sound, have awesome temperaments, and are as close to the breed standard as possible. 

We are based in 25 kilometers west of Zagreb, Croatia. Our kennel is officially registered with the F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS) under the name Totegnac and register number 73/07. Dogs of three breeds live harmoniously in our home: French bulldogs, Black and Tan Coonhounds and Lagotto Romagnolo.

Our dogs of all three breeds were qualified and won class placements at the largest and oldest dog show in the world, Crufts in Birmingham. 

In our home lives a Veteran World Champion (World Dog Show Leipzig, Germany, 2017) as well as a dog that has been declared the most beautiful puppy of French bulldogs in Europe (European Dog Show Brno, Czech Republic, 2017).

Our dogs have won the titles of Champions in Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and International Beauty Champions.

We have plenty of space for them to run and play in the fresh air. Raised by hand with lots of hughs and kisses. Our dogs are all house reared, so grow up very well socialised. They should have a very good natured disposition and be very sociable - they will take over the couch if they can!

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