We currently do not have a litter of puppies, but reservations are possible for puppies that we expect in the spring of 2021. We breed only dogs with pedigrees, do not ask us for dogs of rare colors that are not standard, because rare colors bring with them serious health issues for the dog.
The blue color is the biggest trend of all for Frenchies. They’re being bred and sold so quickly that there are waiting lists for the puppies. Blues (colored like a Weimaraner) have been more of an issue with the breed than any other fad color. This color tends to produce yellow- or green-eyed dogs, which as noted above can lead to blindness. In addition, the color carries a genetic disorder that causes dry, scaly skin and hair loss. While this won’t be evident in a puppy, as the dog gets older problems will develop. Healthy dogs live longer, and cause less stress and worry for their pet parents. Setting yourself up for a lifetime of heartache, at your beloved pup’s expense, isn’t worth a designer color or a trending fad. Frenchies who are all white or all black with no trace of brindle carry the deaf gene, and can produce blue-eyed dogs with eye problems. Liver or chocolate colors, as seen commonly (and safely) in Labradors, can produce yellow-eyed Frenchies with early blindness or juvenile cataracts. These are health issues that no pet parent wants to deal with, and ones that should never be imposed on an animal because a breeder wants to make money on a “rare color” or a person wants an unusual-looking pup. A good breeder will never risk a dog’s health, and a good owner has the responsibility of researching the breed they are getting. Other colors considered rare in French Bulldogs are the black and tan (like a Doberman), and the all black with no trace of brindle. These colors are so dominant that when used for breeding, will eliminate all other colors in the bloodline. It would be sad, indeed, to lose healthy fawns, brindles, creams, and pieds because a handful of unethical and uneducated people wanted blacks as well as black and tans. Please do your research before buying a dog of a particular breed. Sacrificing your pet’s future health, or contributing to your favorite breed’s eventual health decline, is not worth the bragging rights of having a rare dog. These are living creatures who suffer from our stupidity — not a handbag we’ll toss aside when it gets worn. Be a responsible owner, and enjoy your dog’s long healthy years as a result. --- Karen Dibert, dogster.com
During your puppy’s first three months of life, he will experience a socialization period that will permanently shape his future personality and how he will react to his environment as an adult dog. Gently exposing him to a wide variety of people, places, and situations now makes a huge, permanent difference in his temperament. When you buy a puppy from a responsible breeder, the socialization process should start before you even bring your puppy home. Gentle handling by the breeder in the first several weeks of your puppy’s life is helpful in the development of a friendly, confident dog. As early as 3 weeks of age, puppies may begin to approach a person who is passively observing them, so having a knowledgeable breeder who encourages a positive experience with people – adults and children — will help shape the puppy’s adult behavior. As their puppies develop, good breeders allow them to experience safe inside and outside environments, car rides, crates, sounds, smells, and gentle handling. ---Liz Donovan, akc.org

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